Collect the-clovers


Well done on making your first game in MakeCode Arcade.

There are a few things you could change in the ‘overlap’ events. The top overlap event probably should destroy the otherSprite (projectile), and you can better select ‘on sprite of kind ‘Player’ overlaps otherSprite’ (instead of ‘projectile overlaps projectile’). Did you really want to lose a life after gaining a point?

The second overlap event is better, in that you use the ‘sprite’ or ‘otherSprite’ values set in the block code. You might also want to destroy the ‘otherSprite’ (as this is the enemy) when it overlaps the first sprite (and I think you meant the first sprite to be of kind ‘Player’).


You do not need to apologize, I am only trying to suggest a few improvements that should fix a few issues with the game. Let me know if you need help, and I can post a copy of your game with my suggestions… if you would like.

Sure thank you I did not get the instructions.

I will help you with the suggestions and get back to you on this.

I changed the game such that:

  • the clover is of type ‘Food’ and gives you a point when the player overlaps it;
  • the bee is an ‘Enemy’ and you lose a life when overlapping it;
  • when both Sprites destroy, I see the animation time to 1 second instead of 5;