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How can I implement a menu in Arcade?

Hello all,

I was wondering if there was a way to implement a menu in Arcade. In the PiZero image, I think that there is a menu at the beginning that allows you to select a compiled game. Is there code for that? (I’m not talking about having multiple games on Arcade, I just want to be able to implement the menu for my own games)

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe you can use the menu button you originally have?
Get the block “On A▾ button press” and tap A.
At the second last bar should be “menu”

Your welcome, UnsignedArduino.

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This is an example of the menu function.
I found this and this is not created by me.

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I knew that you could override the built-in menu, but thanks!

I wanted to create a menu for, like selecting some songs in my Piano Tiles I posted in a different thread…

Would this help?

(Video -



Now let’s go stare at the code…

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