Cardboard Arcade Raspberry Pi

I successfully built my cardboard arcade! :slight_smile:

I want to load the new menu, copied the link from github and followed instructions to import to makecode arcade and download for pi zero but it downloads however it says compilation failed on makecode arcade screen…?? Any ideas?

Also, how do I create a sort of screen saver while no one is playing? I’ve seen someone do this and would like to try!



I have no idea about raspberry pi. All I wanted to say is congratulations on finishing your cardboard arcade Machine

Looks it broke on the last update. I’ve published an update to the menu github. Make sure to download the latest update or pick up v0.0.11


@peli Thanks, I’ll do that!

Any idea how to make a loop demo reel??

what is “reel”?

Sorry, what I mean is like an animation that plays displaying a message etc until someone touches a button or the joystick and then it quits and shows the menu.

I’ve seen someone do this and was wondering how they did it.

I think @jmods means that he wants a screen saver for his cardboard pi.

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Im sorry but IM still having issues with the new menu.

I try to follow these instructions but it says there is a compilation problem:

How to build this menu into the Pi0

Will the file still replace and work the previous menu?

Also, how do you get back to the config button screen? I figured out the pins for my player 1 buttons and joystick and then tested it out - it now loads the menu screen and buttons work fine but I want to configure Player 2 and reset buttons.

Please help

There is an config item in the menu.