How did you join the forums

So I want to make a poll to see how people joined makecode

  • I learned form a Friend
  • I learned about makecode in school
  • I found it while looking for a way to make a cool game
  • I went to a code camp and found makecode
  • I found makecode one YT or Twitch

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Actually, the way I joined is, well…it started 2 years ago. I discovered makecode through hour of code, and quickly got attached to it. I made my first game, ( it didn’t have tilemaps, cuz I didn’t know about that at then ) called Hollow Fool. Then, when I transferred to where I am now, I made a new game, ( now with tile maps and maps, thankfully ) called Future in the Past. Afterwards, I started school again. I grew more into coding until it became my favorite hobby. I had been spending the last coding and trying to find a way to let the world see my beautiful creations that I call a game. Then, I clicked the forum button after sharing Arachnian World ( it took me 8 months to code that humongous game ) and boom! I made my account, Invalid Project 99, and I began to share some of my other games, like Whisker’s Adventure. Soon, I will send some of my other games, like Upgrade! and Zombie Rush, but not now. That’s how I joined the Makecode Forum.


Cool! I’m gonna make a computer—Technically, my own CE(Embedded compact) OS! I haven’t made all the apps, but can you give me some advice if you have interest?

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Sdows CE Embedded 2.01 build 2000

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