How do I ask the user to input a string?

Hi! I am currently developing a Keyboard simulator for my video game, and I am stuck.

I need to ask the user for their name, but I don’t quite know how …

Could anyone help me? I am also using the default Keyboard simulator for this task :slight_smile:

In the purple ‘game’ category, under prompt, theres a block ‘ask for string’ that accepts a strring for the prompt (e.g. “whats your name?”) and gives you the response. You can store this in a variable (“set myText to …”) to use it later

I partly understand your answer :slight_smile:

I found the ‘ask for string’ block, but I don’t know how to give the user control to be able to respond …

The ask for string should give them the opportunity to respond; for example, this program asks for the users name and shows it back to them:

2019-12-22 21.31.10

Thank you! This is great! :slight_smile: