How do I control Player 2 in the simulator?

Hi, I’m making a ping pong game, and I want to be able to control Player 2 to make sure it works. Only thing though, I can only control Player 1. Is there a way I can control Player 2? Thanks!

Here is my code:

controller.up.onEvent(ControllerButtonEvent.Pressed, function () {
    paddle1.y += -7
controller.down.onEvent(ControllerButtonEvent.Pressed, function () {
    paddle1.y += 7
controller.player2.onButtonEvent(ControllerButton.Up, ControllerButtonEvent.Pressed, function () {
    paddle2.y += -7
controller.player2.onButtonEvent(ControllerButton.Down, ControllerButtonEvent.Pressed, function () {
    paddle2.y += 7
let paddle2: Sprite = null
let paddle1: Sprite = null
// Paddle hit noise
// Get point sound
// game start sound
paddle1 = sprites.create(img..., SpriteKind.Player)
paddle1.setPosition(24, 61)
paddle2 = sprites.create(img..., SpriteKind.Player)
paddle2.setPosition(136, 61)
let ball = sprites.create(img..., SpriteKind.Projectile)

The IJKL keys should work for the second player like the WASD keys work for the first player (if you happen to have two game controllers, like xbox controllers, connecting them should work too - though some buttons might be mapped weirdly depending on the controllers)

@jwunderl Thanks!

How do you control player 2 in simulation on ipad

If your on mobile or pc you can use ps4 controllers this makes helps a lot