How do I freeze multiple projectiles and then unfreeze them?

I’m trying to make an ability where the projectiles on screen freeze, and after 2 seconds unfreeze.
It kinda works? The main problem is that the projectile’s velocity after it unfreezes doesn’t match with it’s velocity before it freezes.


The easiest way is probably to use the arcade sprite data extension
This adds some blocks to the bottom of the Sprites category that allow you to store extra data onto a sprite – sort of like you have extra variables, just for that individual sprite. In this case, you can store the current velocity when you freeze time, then when time starts again you can set it back to the value you stored, using logic very similar to what you’ve already – e.g. like these two (with these replacing the ‘set to *.0001’ and ‘set to *10000’)

if you want, you can also use this to set an ‘unfreeze’ time on the individual sprite, which might help if you have a lot of them so they don’t conflict with eachother; e.g. something like