How do you create a menu?

I want a menu that has options that you can scroll through by pressing the up key and the down key. Can anyone help me? BTW, it also needs to show the currently selected selection.

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What I would do is use the set background image block. It should start on the top selection, and have a variable set to true when it is on that selection. If you just have two options, then it is just going to look something like this:
Screenshot 2021-06-18 10.08.43 AM

Otherwise, if you have more than two then you can use those variables to also see which selection you are currently on, and move it to the correct selection. The variable can also be used for being able to select whatever option you have selected. For showing the currently selected selection, I would either outline the selection or change the color of it. Hope this helps you.


There is an extention for menus. Just scroll down in the toolbar, press the extentions button and you will find it there.

Where are the extensions? I can’t find them. BTW, your name is very interesting.

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The story extension allows for up to 5[?] choices but it isn’t as flexible as the block menu extension:

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