How I can I fix the problem of program too big __Bytes

I’m trying to write a complex program on Makecode Blocks.
I noticed my program used to download successfully until last Tuesday. The program can run on the simulator, but when I tried to download it, it failed. It shows the program too big by 1780 bytes, but it never appeared until last week, and I didn’t modify any block. How can I fix it?

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Could you share the project you are creating? This error shows up when the project becomes too big to store on the hardware, but there might be some small changes that can be made to save space (for example, if it is a game in makecode arcade, it’s possible that there are large / screen size images taking up too much space – if we change those a bit we can often cut out a lot of that to make room)

This could also be a big if it went to 20 to 1765

Download to hardware or save some hardware can only have so many blocks and images.If it’s saves then maybe I can help I do a lot of Big projects that MEGA LAG