Program too big issue

hi all, i do my custom extension to read from thingspeak(here the link of my custom extension when i do my program and go to send it to my microbit makecode show me this message "program too big 1544 bytes "
help please how i must find a solution to download my program despite there is smartcity extension that we can find blocs to read from thingspeak but my iot bit 1.6 version don’t connect to wifi using the smarcity extension so i think it’s not compatible that’s why i created after many works my custom extension and i’m eager to read from thingspeak using it but this issue come
help please
thx in advance
kind regards

Did you find a fix to this? It appears you are using libraries which increases the size of the code. Use minimal libraries.

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thx i must buy smarthon to read from thingspeak
and all is well
best regards