How to develop locally?

Hello everyone

What’s the best setup to develop and test games locally?
I got so far to install pxt and build my project with:
npm install -g pxt
pxt target arcade
pxt build

“pxt serve” also works and pxt-arcade is started and I can open it in the browser.
But how can I start the game locally in the simulator?

Another issue that I have is that node modules take precedence over ones from pxt_modules, when opening the project in vscode. E.g. the “Math” module of node is used instead of the “Math” module found in pxt_modules/base/math.ts, so that e.g. the “Math.randomRange” method is not found. Vscode then marks this as an error. How can I tell vscode to prefer the modules from pxt_modules instead of node_modules?

Thanks for giving some hints how to develop locally.

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