Help with Travis CI Integration

I’m very much a novice with Travis CI and with Node.JS in general. Looking for some help in getting the integration to work with my MakeCode Arcade extensions.

When using MakeCode Arcade to initialize a GitHub repository, a default travis.yaml file is created:

language: node_js
    - "8.9.4"
    - "npm install -g pxt"
    - "pxt target arcade"
    - "pxt install"
    - "pxt build"
sudo: false
    - npm_modules
    - pxt_modules

When Travis CI attempts to run pxt target arcade, the following error is generated:

$ pxt target arcade
Installing pxt-arcade  locally; don't worry about package.json warnings.
npm ERR! code E404
npm ERR! 404 Not Found: pxt-arcade@latest

I’m unsure how to proceed. Do I need to target a newer version of pxt that includes the MakeCode Arcade target?

Unfortunately, the pxt CLI only works with repos we publish to npm and we haven’t started doing that with arcade yet

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That’s what I needed. Thanks, @richard! I’ll disable Travis CI for now, and I’ll revisit it once pxt has been updated.