How to get more levels than two levels

Hi all,

I am working on this project for school and I need someone to help me on how to get more than two levels in the game. I already have the code on how to do the levels but it just that when I play the game, the third level would not work/play and the game would just end/ finish. I would appreciate any help that I would get as I want to do really well in the project. :pray:t2:Thanks.

Here is the link to the game. ----

Thanks. :grinning:

Hi @winnerswimmer, the link that you provided sends us straight to the editor page. Maybe publish your game first, then provide that link?

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Many guys glad to help you here, I think.
But the game url you provided is of the editor, every one clicked just openning his own latest project. Try to public your project by click publish button at top right your editor, and past url here please.

Or you can reference this post of @Kiwiphoenix364 :


Oh ok, hopefully this link will work. It just that this is my first time doing this, so i do not know how anything works yet. But thank you so much for coming back to me.

Read your game blocks, and I can go to the level 3, after level 2, but the life will be reduced 1 every 1 second, then game over. Is it the issue you asking?
The block reduce the life is in the following blocks:

did you mean the second kind should be “bird”, instead of player?
after I changed it to bird, game will not end like before. (you have another “player overlaps bird” block, need to combine them togeter, for only one overlaps with the same kinds can work at one time. You could add the if(curren level==3) to keep different logics for different levels)
Hope it helps, or feel free to let me know please if I didn’t understand your question.

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Hi @AqeeAqee.

Thank you so much for getting back to me and helping me. I appreciate it. I have tried it and I works, thanks.
Actually it was the level 3 the problem as it would just not go into it but after messing with the coding it worked and then the hearts kept dropping quickly but I decided just to leave that in the game to make it tricky to play with.
The project is due for this Friday, so I am finished creating and coding the game, for now :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:.
But I just wanted to say thank you for helping me.

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