How to make the code wait but not pause?

Hi, this is a game I created:

As you can see, sometimes the monsters overlap each other, but I want it to wait a second before spawning in the next monster. I tried using the pause() function but I think that actually pauses the game? Is there a simple way to make it so it waits after spawning each monster to spawn the next? I want to do something like the “wait” block in scratch, but I am not sure how to do it.

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You can use the timers extension (scroll to bottom of blocks categories, click advanced, then scroll to the bottom of the advanced section, any you will see + Extensions. Click that and scroll to the timers extension and click on it.) The timers extension has a bunch of useful timing blocks, including “after ____ do” blocks. Also, welcome to the forums!

You can use the timer extention which you can find at the bottom of the blocks list at the left of the screen.

Step 1: Just scroll to the bottom and you will see an “extentions” tab. Click it and you will get a menu open showing you all of the approved extentions.

Step 2: There just scroll and keep an eye out for a button that says “Timers” on it (it will be somewhere at the bottom of the page). When you click it the extention will auto-install.

Step 3: A new tab will appear on the right of the screen with the name “Timer”. Click it and there you will find a block that says “After 500 do”.

Step 4: Then simply drag it and attach it to an event block in the editor. There you can put whatever code you want to run after a certain amount of time that you can specify by clicking on the 500 marked in white on the block (the 500 represents the miliseconds)

Hope this helps!

Thank you both, it works perfectly.

I don’t know if I have to mark this as solved, but it’s solved!

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