How to port Arcade to other hardware platform?

Hi, I know arcade is able to run on STM32F4 and arm-linux platform, and also see someone try to port to esp32.
my question is, how to port Arcade to other hardware platform?
We have another great hardware platform, Maix boards, based on K210, 8MB sram, 400MHz dual core, and have already port micropython on it, is it easy to port Arcade on it?

Unfortunately, MakeCode does not support RISC-V chips

Is it possible to add RV support? is it opensource to port, or close?
we will make new own RV chip soon, and RV is the trend now.

Some time ago I started on RISC-V assembler, but didn’t get anywhere near code generator. It’s a major undertaking. I have long term plans to implement this, but it is very unlikely to happen in the next few months.

We would also need a port of CODAL to RISC-V, if this is something you want to take a look at. Note that CODAL was never ported before to a 64 bit architecture (though it was ported to an 8 bit one…). The main two components to write is context-switch assembly routine and then drivers for various peripherals.

I see. it is a lot work to do…
thank you for your answer

I know you can run makecode arcade games on raspberry pi zero