How to protect micro:bit for outside use?


I want to use a micro:bit to record the temperature in different places outside for a long period of time. Since I can’t control the weather, I was wondering how I can protect my micro:bit and battery (holder) so that they are weatherproof.

Any suggestions?


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I suggest Tupperware ( or similar ) containers

They come in a range of sizes & are relatively inexpensive

You might even already have something suitable in a kitchen cupboard!!

But if it’s inside a closed container, it will have an influence on the temperature, no?

In a sunny environment it will be much hotter inside the container then outside, so the input won’t be accurate.

Hi @Snacksolotl

Those are good points! You can also try things like water food storage bags (zip lock), but even they will be a little prone to holding in temperature and slowing temperature transfer (also easier to damage/puncture if it’s in a place that could be disturbed).

The micro:bit’s temperature sensor is really meant to measure the temperature of its processor and isn’t a very accurate way to measure the temperature outside. It’s close to the outside temperature, but could be a few degrees off. In some tests it seems to have been up to 2.5°C off (here).

You might want to consider the combination of a box/storage bag and using an external temperature sensor that can be exposed to the elements and is more accurate. There are several available that work with the micro:bit.

You can even make your own out or just a few cheap parts: a DS18B20 sensor, a resistor, and some alligator clips. AdaFruit sells a “kit” with the resistor and sensor: ($9) . I created a MakeCode extension for that particular sensor:
There are several parts sold as DS18B20 that are not truly DS18B20s. In my tests some of these “fake” versions are much less accurate/precise than authentic DS18B20s. I strongly recommend buying a DS18B20 from a reputable seller. In the U.S. I’d suggest AdaFruit, SparkFun, or DigiKey.

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This might do the trick.

Thank you so much for the effort!