Asking for Assistance :Using SD Wireless and Temperature

This video shows Arcade Meowbit sensing temperature and transmitting a signal to Micro:bit for double digit display; if the temperature is above 15 degrees C. I would like help assigning letters of the alphabet to each degree temp from , I guess 15 to 41 C , so that for each degree sensed Meowbit will send an assigned specific letter and Microbit will display that corresponding temp. degree; also, Meowbit will display the same temp number in double-double size as per the video and code below. Thanks to anyone who would like to help out with the program. Extensions needed are installed.
Code: Microbit:

Meowbit Arcade :

Sorry, I made this all more complicated than necessary: Video :
I thought Kittenbot SD Wireless could only transmit one digit at a time, wrong, it can transmit a sensed temperature in 2 numerals and Whaley SansFont can display 0-99 on the Micro:bit screen when received via “radio” from the Arcade Meowbit which also displays the room temperature as a bar graph using ‘status bar’ extension. I display temp as score in Arcade; now to somehow display it as a numeric sprite on the Arcade screen…hum ? Code is in the description of the video.