How would I add sprites to the center of 2 tiles?

I like how you are asking all the questions for your Mario game that I forgot to ask when I made my own

Btw you will have to remake the lucky block code. When you add the possibilty for becoming big mario. I have already tried it, and it doesn’t work with a two tile high ario

None of us going to talk about the bigger screen

I’m not sure exactly where you are intending the sprites to be, but here’s an example of how you could spawn sprites on top of a few locations you set:

This would place a smiley face above all the ? blocks whenever you press B (if you want them to actually be in the tile, jkust don’t add the tilemap location top of [value] and replace it with just value). If you don’t want to make two tiles that look different, there are a couple ways to handle it – the easiest would just be to put them in to start with, run this code to spawn the sprites, and then at the end of the loop set value to [blank tile] or whatever should be behind it.

Since I have done research on how the first mario game works when I made my own game. I’m pretty sure you want the goombas to spawn between two tiles as in the real game. Is that what you’re trying to accomplish

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