So about 1 block

With the place mysprite on top of tilemap col block I can place a value block on there but not with the othersprite block, I want the sprite to spawn on top of the othersprite let’s say like an rpg game where the enemies drop stuff when you kill them, if there is another way to get around that but for now I’d just like an update to place the othersprite block on the place sprite on top of block

okay, so then you can use the “location of [sprite]” block from the scene and replace the [Mysprite] with [Othersprite], rather than just putting [Othersprite] directly onto the number. If that doesn’t work, for each number, take the [MySprite x] and [Mysprite y] blocks and just put them into each number. Then replace the [Mysprite] with [Othersprite]

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