I believe the music player is bugged on mobile devices

I was trying to share this project with my friends, but they said that nothing was playing. I moved over to mobile and I found out that whenever I pressed play, nothing would happen.

I’ve tried changing my code to see if that would fix anything, but nothing would change. So maybe the music player is bugged on mobile, as the only way to get it to play is to go into the menu and press the volume buttons, and even then it only half works, as pressing refresh will not stop the music and it will keep playing.

I use an iphone for mobile if that means anything, and I just use the standard web browser. Everything works on my laptop so I really have no idea what else it could be.

Here is a screenshot of my code in the event that I did just do something wrong.

Hmm, it also didn’t work for me on mobile until I went into the code and came back out.

@Spaghetti_Coder - try again on your phone, but first go to the menu and turn the console up all the way. Then, if it still doesn’t work, go into the code and try to play it on the console from inside “Edit Code”. Does it start working?

@richard - Tagging you here in case there’s an issue for mobile. The workaround seems a little extensive for those not familiar with MakeCode.

On your game try pressing the menu button. Then turn the sound up and down with the volume buttons in the menu. It works for me

ios safari is super strict about allowing sound to play… my guess is it’s something to do with that.