When publishing link music doesn't play

I did a test and students can open project, can move kitty but the music doesn’t play.
Any ideas?

odd…here it works fine!

The browser might be prohibiting sound before interaction with the simulator; this is the case with mobile safari at least

When i click on ‘test’ works great!
So…I copied the link after opening up ‘test’ from above and the problem is reproduced, copy this link from test into browser:


add the 4 to the end of 4772…so it will be …47724

There is some type of authorization happening when the link is coming from this domain verses when it is coming from outside this domain.

Confirmed problem on Chromebook running Chrome, Ipad with Chrome or Safari,
works fine running Microsoft Edge though.

Ok thanks guys, I’ll just publish without music code no big deal, still amazing piece of kit here! - Best J