I have a glitch

It is not that heavy, but the simulator died when I recorded. Also, in level 3, for some reason it will not move the sprites correctly. When they fall off the tilemap they will not go back correctly.


I like this style of game. Very fun. Great job!

Regarding the glitch.One thing I notice is the reset positions of the sprites don’t work when both fall off the screen. When only one falls, the reset works as expected. Perhaps use a bool to execute the overlap only once, so it doesn’t fire the event when the second player falls off the screen, and then set the bool appropriately after the reset.

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The game is great! I think I did run into a bug on this level, it seems the top character got pushed through a platform when the camera scrolled to keep both in view. I think the platform was off screen while the sprite was pushed down to stay inside the screen.

Oops, forgot to give the fix. This is a little abstract, since soft-locking disables wall and tile collisions. So I will need to make an array that stays for only the level keeping the tilemap positions of every ice floor tiles. Apart from that, it is really hard to soft lock because of the centered camera.