Did not take me long!

After a while, I finally was able to finish this game! (both playing and creating…)



  • If you die, it makes more coins (witch make like 5 coins in 1 spot)
  • The coins don’t reset with each level
  • I am also pretty sure the coins are off by a few pixels
  1. Intentional
  2. Intentional
  3. MakeCode Bug

Also here is a version with the coins different

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re (3): You can fix this by making your initial coin sprite 8x8 instead of 16x16

ok. thx

This is so cool! Is there by chance a walkthrough to explain the coding. I’m pretty new to Makecode so some of the code you are using is over my head. thnx

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There is not a walkthrough for that, and I was using extensions with older versions of blocks. Will try to make a tutorial on this game!

That would be awesome, that concept of a moving camera adds such a powerful gameplay mechanic. Please reply here if you ever get around to that tutorial, Ill be the first to watch it! thnx

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no not that… scrolling camera

for the death you need more code :expressionless:

Wow that was fast, I really appreciate it, this will help me and my students get the mechanics that you created. Thanks again, you should make more of these, we all can learn so much from people like you that create great games!

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Will do!

Just wondering what does the “mySprite wall hit on bottom 14 and 7” indicate?

It has to do with the tile color number. While you hover over the color palette it shows the number. Air is -1

Ah I see thnx

I got through the tutorial but it seems my camera is not functioning correctly https://makecode.com/_YcXAfc6u2g9x?
As well im not sure I understand how this block you created works image
thnx for any help!

Wont be on a computer until tommorow, but the sprite bottom checks if the spite is off screen by comparing it to the number of tilemap rows and the tile width.

I see the problem now. Seeing the project, instead of a set y position to on the camera, you set the x position.