I Need a little help with this

So what i’m having a problem with is that once you reach the end of the first level, the next level’s music starts playing but the next level doesn’t actually load until the song is done. This level thing worked in my last game but isn’t working in this one. This rhythm game just has one problem after another…Help?


Having fun with this, testing out a modification to try to solve your problem, but it’s hard to test!


That shouldn’t count!

Made auto-jump for easier testing. Set the if statement to true if you want to die when hitting a wall, otherwise it will automatically jump for you:


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Try this: It uses the timers extension which is really helpful.

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It seems to be working, thank you so much! :heart:

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This is strange. Now both songs are playing at the same time when the levels switches. I tried adding a stop all sounds block when the level switches to 2. It stops the music, but then the music from level 1 keeps playing

That’s not happening for me…weird.

Now all i have to do is come up with some good songs and to sync them well. Woo!


It’s fine for me too.

Strange…maybe it is my browser.