I need a lot of help

I’m working on a recreation of Pacman as accurate as possible but with the pxt-raycasting extension although my only computer is getting returned to school soon
I would like someone to try and work on it
I can’t get the ai to work on making code
here is a link to the Pacman ai video:

then after the Pacman is recreated I wanted it to seem like this video by terminal montage:

here is my game so far:

please help…
I… I don’t…
have much…

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The walls looks so cool!
And some advice, if your time are limited, choose only one of your dev directions at first. Which one is more important for you right now? The AI, or the theme of the movie?
The latter I guess. So is a another “AI” which not the same to original one can do? If yes, do you think it is a way to choose the Tilemap Path Finding ( a* ) for AI right now, and do the “accurate” AI later when you have enough time.

ai is the top priority

you should try this