I need help on a boomerang code

Im making a dungeon crawler with a boomerang that gets more and moore powerful throughout the game but i cant make the boomerang come back or even make it rotate! I want the boomerang to come back if it goes some set distance away or when it hits a wall. How can I do this?

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Hmmm… I have an idea! Try this extension called sprite utils.


(also to use it you have to copy and paste the link into the search bar over the extensions in the extensions tab)

It has a block that fits into the logic blocks where if distance between one sprite and another is this, then… and then make the boomerang’s direction go in that of the player’s.

I hope this helps a little bit!

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Oh and for the wall thing just do if is the boomerang sprite hitting wall then do this, and the this part is the code to make it come back. I don’t exactly know what to do for that, so I’m sorry if this isn’t really a concrete solution

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also once you make the boomerang coming back code, you should get the timer extension, it would be useful for simulating it just being one boomerang the character throws (if that’s your intention)

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You can use the “set (sprite) follow (sprite)” block and if you press the plus button you can change the speed that it follows you and then while it’s following you do “if sprite of kind (spritekind (probably player)) overlaps othersprite (spritekind (probably boomerang))” and put inside “destroy othersprite”

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It’s always 2 questions to consider:
a) which instruction(s)
b) when to run those instruction(s)

for a)

for b)


  1. image
    animation is great for rotating ( drawing more frames results in a smoother rotating animation)



Thank you I will try all that

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You can also use the sprite rotation extension.

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Do you know any good ones?

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https://github.com/robo-technical-group/pxt-arcade-image-transform is an extension that I use frequently and I found it on @UnsignedArduino 's list of extensions (Awesome Arcade Extensions)


Well I don’t think working on this game alone is very easy. Do anyof you want to be part of a development team? We could have a discord? And we could all help make each others games!

Thanks this is way easier

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I don’t think discord is allowed because of the first rule of the community guidelines:

1. Don’t over-share

Please no sharing of personally identifiable information on the forum - this includes your full name , email , phone number , etc. We want to protect your privacy. Only MakeCode Team members may directly message forum members. Discussion of meeting up with other forum users on any external services is prohibited . This includes (but is not limited to) Instagram, Google Docs, Google Meet, Discord, Among Us, and any other video, audio, or text chat service.

by the way how is the boomerang code working?

Also if you want to have other people help on your game you should make the category arcade/collaboration that way people can help you add features to your game, I think that’s the best way that fits within the guidelines

among us??? REALLY???

oh well then this game development will be a bit slower.

The boomerang still won’t come back but it is spinning now! I will go make a collaboration for this game.

Yeah, I didn’t make the rules, but just wanted to make sure you didn’t get flagged or banned.

hi. here is my coding for boomerang. u can try check it out. and have fun!

boomerang and hand grenade