I need help: three questions

I have three questions about a game I am working on.

1: Can someone make an extension for custom key binds for all 13 buttons? For example, I want the player two “A” button to be set to the left Shift key for laptop/ pc/ computer. I need it for stuff like running. Most games make you hold down shift to run, and I want to use that too.

2: Is it possible to make the tilemap intractable. For example if the player dashes across a field made of grass, I want the grass to sway for a little time to sell the speed of the player.

3: I want the player to be able to push sprites like boxes out of the way. Is this possible?

  1. Idk
  2. Use different tiles that keep switching on overlap
  3. Use an if block to check if the sprite is right or left, and then move accordingly
    Hope this helps
  1. I don’t think Arcade will ever expose direct keyboard access.