I need help w/ my meow bit!

I just got a meow bit, however if i try to load a game it says that my bit is ‘unable to enter bootloader mode’. Please help i waited so long for the meow bit to be delivered!

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Ok i think my meow bit just came broken. But before i order a new one, does anyone now if i can fix it?

hmmmm I’m not an expert, but is there an error number when it says “unable to enter bootloader mode”?

Make sure you also try a different USB cable and different USB port. Sometimes USB cables are power only

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Can you send a picture of the meow bit saying unable to enter bootloader mode?

And try not using any USB hubs too - they can interfere

ok ill try.

Before sending the Meowbit back, if it still does not work for you, try updating or re-installing the bootloader.It has been a while since I did this but if you can’t figure it out, let me know and I’ll try again: