Meowbit not detected on Windows and Mac

I’m new to the scene. I’ve purchased 2 Meowbits recently. One work right out of the box, where it goes into bootloader screen when I connect to my Mac. The other one stuck at a pre-loaded game and can’t get into bootloader screen.

Then I tried again on Windows 7, but it still doesn’t show the bootloader screen. It doesn’t even show as a drive that I can flash the bootloader.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ok I’ve managed to enter the bootloader screen by doing one of the following. I can’t confirm which one as I do them randomly.

  • Hold Left and hit Reset
  • Hold Right and hit Reset
  • Hold A and hit Reset
  • Hold B and hit Reset

While the device is connected to the computer, try clicking the reset button.

Thanks so much. I had the same problem and was really stumped, as the Meowbit directly enters the game, and the drive does not show. So the combination for me was:

  • Hold A and hit Reset