I need help with a ton of bugs

Here is my game

and what is “expression expected” and" identifier expected" i never got that in my other coding projects

So please can you edit the code i will credit you to fix my bugs


To me it seems like a lot of the problems are coming from the images.

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BY the WAY This is not done yet im only 5% of the way there so this is only the demo version

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Yeah i have no clue how to fix those since i have no experience with those type of images

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:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:
What the hell did you even do???


i fixed the image i need help with only 1 bug

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that is the updated link

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The last problem seems to be that you just didn’t put a } at the end of your code.

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Well Moderators please help what does this mean?

Line 20: all symbols in top-level scope are always exported; please use a namespace if you want to export only some

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That usually means that you have “export” before a function that isn’t inside of a namespace. You should be able to just remove “export” from before the function declaration, or you can wrap it in a namespace.

its now fixed all i need to do was define it and change the location

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Yeah i tried it but it keeps asking to add more but when i reached an amount of } a thousand more bugs pop more

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I tried to fix it with this lines of code`

import { scene } from z’./path/to/scene’;

const newScene = {
addSprite: (sprite: Sprite) => {
// …

export { newScene };`

is there any problems with this?

Is thhere any way i can edit the scene.ts files?

Ok @Opisticks I will see what I can do with this program and hopefully debug it well enough to work

Update: I fixed the bugs but a ton more popped up

@KIKIvsIT Sorry for @ing you, but May i ask what is the directory of the main ts to the scen.ts files like ‘./path/to/scene’?

Sorry, I’m not sure which scen.ts file you’re referring to. We don’t generally pass paths, but we bring them in as extensions, instead.

oh i meant scene.ts