Irritating 2

As you guys know, irritating 1 didn’t load so I came up with irritating 2. I feel like I’m going to be a meme after this. umm… Good luck

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This is starting to be a running joke. I’m expecting a Irritating 12 tommorow at this rate.

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AHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING. I don’t feel like doing this anymore

Well it is pretty direct there, just check your code for error

ah yes, don’t use beta right now! It’s pretty buggy.

I guess I’ll go into Javascript and do the little copy and paste. Thanks!

Also when you are in Javascript and play the game, you can see which line of code is causing the error.

scene.onOverlapTile(SpriteKind.Player, assets.tiletile1, function (sprite, location) {

Unfortunately this looks like what Richard said, a bug in the beta version.


Honestly, I put the error there on purpose. At some point, when the countdown goes all the way down, The screen will shake and the word error will appear in text sprites 100 times and then I want the game to actually have an error in it but i guess it doesn’t work when you’re on a phone I guess.

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