I need help. (yes, again)

Hello. I am making a game set inside of an atom. Kind of like a person being shrunk down to the quantum scale. But, this gives the player special abilities, like being able to easily convert matter into energy, quantum tunneling, teleportation, limited time travel (more like a rewind), and quantum entanglement. I require help with the last two. For the rewind, I want the player to be able to press a button, and the game would resent to what it was like 3 or 5 seconds ago. And for the entaglement feature, I want the player to be able to press another button to “entagle” with an enemy. When the player is entagled, the enemy will do the same things as the player. If the player moves, the enemy moves, if the player gets health, the enemy gets health, etc etc. Does anyone know how I can do those two?


@omnisImperium for the rewind, I don’t know any extensions of any sort that can transport you back in (code) time, and as for the entanglement, maybe someone can make a mirroring extension?

In a nutshell:

  1. Going back in time with Arcade is unknown to me with any extensions.
  2. The entanglement issue seems solvable.
  3. There might be an extension for the mirror mechanic
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Make both of them move with buttons for the mirror.


I never considered that @GameGod, nice idea!

I will try to do the back in time, but it will involve keeping track of ALL sprites, and I am rn stumped on how to stagger the positions. I may have a theory, but not much else…
Extensions needed

  • Agent 14’s Essential Extension (Yes I did name it like that)
  • Sprite Data

Just hope I can…


Fingers crossed… :crossed_fingers:t3: :crossed_fingers:t3: :crossed_fingers:t3: