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[EDIT] This helpdesk thread is now closed! We’ll have another one soon :slight_smile: Thanks all for your questions!

Do you have problems? Well we have answers! ​Ask us all your questions in the thread below – like:

  • :space_invader: How to make a certain game mechanic
  • :sparkler: What’s new in the latest release?
  • :female_detective: MakeCode behind the scenes secrets
  • :pizza: What’s the best pizza topping?
  • :point_right: ??? Your question here!

We’ll answer as many as we can on stream Friday (3/26) live at 1PM Pacific. You can also join and ask us live on Twitch!

The last help desk is here: Arcade Advanced Stream #180 - Help Desk!

  • Can you make an extension for 3d ray casting?
  • Who is the best Minecraft survival player out of all of you?
  • When is the next game jam, and can it be a no sprite, no camera, no tilemaps, game?
  • I challenge makecode to draw a squirrel!!!

What’s the biggest game you guys have made


What is the most useless/annoying programming feature of Typescript and Python (besides doc strings :joy:) in your opinion?

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Are you trying to torture the devs? That is against the rules!

  1. Is there anyway to make a rewind mechanic. For example, if the player presses a button, they game will “rewind” to how it was 5 or 10 seconds ago.

  2. Is there anyway I can import art made in a different pixel art software, if I use the same 16 colors?

  3. Is there anyway the camera can zoom in and out based on a players position (mostly for multiplayer.) Kind of like in Stick Fight the game.

  4. When exporting to itch.io, is there anyway I can make the game itself a downloadable, like any regular downloadable game?

  5. When exporting to itch.io, if I make it a web version, is there anyway I can change the color of the emulator to make it suit better with the game, or will it always be cyan?

  6. Can I code extensions directly in python?

  7. What pizza topping is your favorite and least favorite?

  8. Your opinion on diorite and redstone.

9 (This is my last one I promise) When will the next game jam be, and when will the next update be/what features will it bring?

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Another question (or two).

How can I make portals like in the games Portal and Portal 2.

I want the portals to “stick” to surfaces, even if said surfaces are moving, and I want them to transfer the players velocity and momentum.

(I need this for a small portal prototype / experiment.)

Is there anyway that makecoders can create sprites, that will be voted upon. And if the majority of the judges like them, they can be added into the makecode gallery section, or a wall of fame, like the community games section.

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No, it would be a game jam. Also this is basically how a regular JavaScript text author would be on making a game. I know how to do this.

I mean couldnt you just make an animated surface, and like find the location of it? then when you make a second one, you would just teleport to the location? I mean I don’t know how to do it, but I think @GameGod might be able to help.

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What are your favorite makecode colors?

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What are your favorite extensions, and why?

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So you want to re-invent the wheel huh? :wink:

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I also made the same challenge a while ago.

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What is your weirdest talent? Why and when do you do it?
Will there be an update to the forum?! If yes what?
Do you have any strange obsessions? Collecting something for example!

  • Is there any way there can be an official marketplace for arcade makecode? Like pixel art and things like that.
  • When’s the next game jam?
  • I’m pretty sure not, but can you get into copyright issues for making something like Mario?

https://makecode.com/_DLvePqgEHCCT how do you make the bad guys hit the bottom and die when they do it?

just track the bottom of the screen, (insert a tile or something) and then detect when a SpriteKind of Enemy touches it, then they destroy the enemy.

Extension Idea/ mechanic idea:

Can you guys make an extension for 8bit music? Like a better version instead of writing it out. Kinda like BeepBox or something.

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Search up RTTTL - it’s like writing down a simple score in a string. There is an extension to convert RTTTL strings to MakeCode-formatted strings:

You can find the link to that extension and more in my list of extensions:

Today’s the day! If you’re free and able to join the stream today at 1PM PST, we’d love to see you there! But don’t worry if you can’t – I’ll be posting the video later with timestamps to all the questions :smiley:

:star: https://www.twitch.tv/msmakecode

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