i want to change the tile I just left

My plan is to make a maze that you must get to all for corners but can’t backtrack on so a wall will appear behind you non the blocks you have already been on

I am using on overlap at location and changing the tile at location but that changes the block you are headed to not the one you just left.
Any suggestions?

Hi, ArboTeach!
Here’s a link to a project that lets you do a one-way maze!

We added a variable called ‘last tile stood on’ that will check to see if you’ve left the tile.

It works with a one-wide tile pathway and if your character is smaller than 16x16.

Richard also came up with a more Advanced™ technique that uses a sprite following behind you to check if you’ve left the tile. This will be good for wider paths and in general More Stable.

Hope this helps!
Vivian :blush:

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