A Minecraft-like Tilemap Editor

A quick implement of a quick idea
Just a POC with my Ryacasting 3D extension, finish it if you like.


  • place “template tiles” at row 2, like I did in tilemap.
  • run and edit with A/B for switch to next/prev template tiles.
  • no save feature yet, could generate and output JS codes to console, if need.

Bravo keep on the good work

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BUG REPORT: if you go up to a corner, then click back, you can’t move back and are looking through the block (IDK if this is known, just bringing this to your attention.) You can always turn around and go forward to get out, it’s just… not very good if you can see through walls if someone makes a maze game with this engine…

Anyways, amazing game! It looks AMAZING.


Hi, @Kiwiphoenix364 thanks for your report
Yes, I have met this situation before, and then I create it a simple test(without my ext.) as below:

So I removed this from my issue list. But I will do some try later to find a workaround.
Though, with your report, I am glad to know you are care about it, and providing help to make it better. Thanks very much!

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lol I made a maze out of it, thanks for the help! there is 2 endings, and you can walk through wood.

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That’s interesting.
Cleared both normal and secret ending. A little easy form me try a bigger maze next time. :slight_smile:

where getting closer and closer to making Minecraft in Makecode.

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Just happened, found this may be fixed just now.
Thanks @richard! Looking forward for the new release!

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Is there a way to make the floor out of tiles as well?

Sorry, it doesn’t support yet for perfermence issue.

It’s allright, makecode can do a lot of other things, it got me a thousand dollar scholarship.

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Wow, sounds great!
Would you share some of your projects?

i made a 2d minecraft project