Illusion of camera zoom with new scaling?

With the new scaling blocks, I’m wondering if it is possible to make two sprites bigger or smaller the closer or farther away from each other they are to give the illusion of camera zoom. Does anyone have any idea if this is possible? This would make multiplayer games much more feasible.

Theoretically, that would make sense. But only in FPS or TPS games. I don’t see how topdown games and platformers would use this feature though.

Anyways, onto my theory.
for example
if distance between mysprite and myenemy = 40, then scale myenemy -4
else if distance between mysprite and myenemy = 50, then scale myenemy -5

Would it be possible to crunch the screen all together?

So use your background that you made, and then take the image out, and put it in the sprite image.

you know how like in smash bros when the camera zooms out when two players are far away? that’s what I mean

but anyway that might work