Is there an extension for zooming out/making the screen size bigger?

i wanna have more detailed sprites, but the problem im having is that ryan takes up a good bit of the screen. is there an extension for this?


Yes, but not as an extension. There is a function however. I don’t remember the code tho.

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This method by @Kiwiphoenix364 is very popular!


Makecode team showed this method on stream
namespace userconfig {
export const ARCADE_SCREEN_WIDTH = 320
export const ARCADE_SCREEN_HEIGHT = 240
You just past this code into your JavaScript code and your all set

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well you can use this
this extension will multiply the screen width by the input so

x:screen modifier
{x∈ R|0<x}

x can only be bigger then 0

what if im using blocks and cant revert back?

You can revert, it just changes into some grey blocks that you can’t edit in blocks

ok, i tried, but the game was too big to revert back so i had to discard the changes.

Yes you should

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