I'm having problems with deleting, copying and doing other actions in this game I think its because of too many blocks

https://makecode.com/_hYrA8W2UK5Dk any help it just seems weird
and I want to be able to finish my game

This is the same bug as Missing context-menu items: "Duplicate" and "Delete Block(s)" – issue is tracked here: https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade/issues/4906 . Sorry about that!

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Is it possible to fix?

because my game took 10 plus hours to make

Hm, I saw it’s too big to switch to javascript and back like I suggested in the other issue – I fetched it and manually fixed the block xml for now :slight_smile: here it is: https://makecode.com/_72hVbVR716X3

I have a few small suggestions that might improve your programming experience – right now you have a LOT of blocks in the program and so the editor is running a bit slower, and there are a few easy ways to make improvements – for example, you can swap out


and in places like this where you are setting a bunch of things in each if / else if / else branch
image, you can pull out things that get repeated in front of the if: e.g.

– that way you can probably cut > half the blocks out of the program and it will run speedier / be easier for you to update.

(that said, we always hope to improve performance in the editor, so hopefully in the future we can handle with this many blocks a little bit better)

THANK YOU! and i will be sure not to do that again (unless my brain shuts down) and I hope Microsoft fixes this soon