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Ah no, you can’t. You must use a tool like this and this to convert an image file like a .png or a .jpg to a “Arcade image.”

SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION: I have a list of Arcade extensions and tools (scroll to the bottom) here.

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Awesome! This is works great.
Actually, I want to make game without coding, but also I’m to lazy to redrawing cutscene`s fullscreen frames. So I guess i can neglect this moment and use javascript for this images only :smiley:
Thank you.

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Maybe same things for playing music? (import from pc)
I have some melodies I want to import in arcade project.

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Note, if you press ctrl v this will add it in the art editor.

Well, you can play RTTTL strings - there is an extension listed in there somewhere :wink:
And there are many MIDI to RTTTL converters online as well. Many score editing programs can also export to MIDI.

Note that you are limited to “retro Arcade-style” bleeps and bloops piano which is kinda harsh and loud. You are also limited to only 5 notes playing at a time.

Can you point me to a midi to rtttl converter? I can’t find any…

I’ve used this one a lot, works well for simple melodies.

Also isn’t it 4 tones?

No, it’s 5. Read this thread:

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Can you maybe help me with Can't compile app ?