Game disapearing

For some reason, this game I was working in make code arcade on really hard disappeared later on. I didn’t delete it and only that one game. None of my other games are gone. Anyone know how to recover that game?

I’m very sorry to hear that!

The project is likely not recoverable. We get occasional reports of users losing projects but we haven’t been able to reproduce the problem yet. It would be really helpful to know a little more about what you were doing at the time. Things like:

Were you using Arcade Beta? If so, were you signed in (this is a new feature out in beta that will save your projects to the cloud).

Was this a new project, or one you’ve opened and worked on multiple times?

Can you successfully create new Arcade projects and they will be saved?

You should always download your projects every once in a while, or share them and write the links down. Even better, use GitHub (requires free account) because it’s online. Not only will this be a backup of your project, you can always reload an older version if you don’t like the current version. (Search up version control systems)


@ME1234567890 Something you could try: on the home screen, next to “My Projects”, click “View All”. Is your project listed there?

Also I often have a similar issue. When I accidentally open the same project on two tabs, all the code deletes, even in the github repositories. Is this intentional, or a glitch of sorts?

What I would recommend to prevent things like this from happening is to just save the game as a file after each coding session so that you can just re-import it if it deletes and you don’t lose any progress. I do find it strange that only one of your games was deleted though, usually for me it is that they all disappear.

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sadly… it isnt :frowning: i checked everything

ok, ill try that

I was using google chrome the website and every day I check again to see if it comes back… it hasn’t. It was fairly new, only a few hours of work on it. But I’ve opened it and worked on it several different times. I have created projects and shared them before with my friends.

ok, thx. But is there any way to recover the old one (i didnt download it)

Probably not :frowning: