The Case of The Disappearing Code

It’s Monday March 7 and I was just about done with Video #3 - Make a Platform Game when I got an error message even though my code matched the code in the video. Then the game wouldn’t load but no message. Then, most of my code disappeared. Poof! Most of the code and most of tile maps and sprites gone!

Was there some sort of server crisis or did I do something? I’m using Makecode Arcade as a teaching tool and hope this was a one time thing.


This is a thing that sometimes happens. I´ve seen alot of people complain about this, but there are some solutions:
Put your project into a github repository
Download/screenshot the game once in a while (I like to keep it all in a folder and revisit older versions)

There´s also a desktop version, which uses files instead of cloud storage. (i think)

There will be times when your code is too large and then the Github won’t save properly.

Thanks! I didn’t know about the offline app. That could be really helpful.

We have the other option for that, downloading it, which doesnt have a limit