Is Arcade 8-Bit, or 16-Bit?

Is Arcade 8-Bit, or 16-Bit? Or maybe something else?

It’s 32-bit (with artificially limited colors).


If the colors weren’t artificially limited, how many bits would you say?

If you compile to “D5” (ATSAMD51 based boards) or “F4” (STM32F4xx based boards) those chips are 32-bit.

If you compile to “Pi0” (or any Pi-based board) the CPUs are 64-bit, but I believe the Raspberry Pi kernel is still 32-bit unless you use raspbian-nspawn-64 or something. (Been a while since I played with a Pi)

And in the browser, it doesn’t really matter anyways.


Bits don’t correspond to colors. I was saying it is 32 bits, but it has 16 colors, kind of “simulating” 8 bit systems with similar color pallates.

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