Is it possible to increase number of colours in the colour palette?

I previously asked about changing the screen resolution: Here

And now I was wondering: at the moment, the game has a limited colour palette, is it possible to make games which use a full spectrum of colours on an RGB scale? Of course, these games are not intended to run on an ‘arcade’ device, just locally on PC.




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F but no.


Is this something that could be implemented as a mod/extension?

I’m afraid not. The internal representation of images that arcade uses represents each pixel with 4 bits, which means that only 16 colors are possible. There is no way for an extension to change that.

We do this to save memory; the hardware that we operate on has extremely strict memory requirements. For example, let’s take a look at the meowbit which uses a STM32F401RET6 processor. It has a total of 96KB RAM.

With 4 bits per pixel, each pixel in an image takes up 0.5 of a byte.

Therefore, the screen takes up:

160 * 120 * 0.5 = 9600 Bytes

Arcade also double buffers the screen, which means we actually have two copies of the screen in memory. All in all, that means just the screen is taking up 20% of the available memory on the device. If we were to increase the number of colors, it would double that amount, leaving even less for the actual program.


Now you’re right that computers don’t have these same memory constraints, but arcade was written so that all of our game engine code runs the same on both computers and hardware. It’s very tough to change one and not the other.

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