Questions about limated color

  1. why limited if there is a color extension? why not have that ass the base
  2. is it possible to get an image and have it try to render it render
    3)if we could change 1 color, could we change pink with a lighter brown?
  3. if it is like, “this singular console cant use this particular shade of color” then could you make it so you cant download if it has that shade?


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Good questions!

  1. The main reason is to support hardware; keeping to only 16 colors being shown at a time helps keep memory so that the game can run on smaller / less powerful devices. You can define your own colors (and change them whenever you want, e.g. like my NFL game: that I change them while the game is running so every team has different colors), but it still only has the 16 at once (and assuming you’re talking about my color fading extension, that just adds blocks and functions that extend the builtin color support; lots of times extensions are used to add blocks that are nice to have but a bit more advanced / special cased). I do personally also like it because it makes you work within bounds a bit; ‘constraints drive creativity’ and so on.
  2. Do you mean try to convert a image you have to one that can show up in arcade? Another user did make a really cool website to do that:
  3. We’re not planning on changing default colors (as that would break all the beautiful art people have made already!), but you can change it in your own games using either the color fading extension I wrote, or by changing the palette in the settings file (which is more dangerous / complex, but will show the color in the image editor): I do want to make a nice color picker to help make this easier (and will when I have extra time some weekend!)
  4. Unfortunately that’s not a great experience for users with hardware; a big point about makecode is being able to use it on devices and in the browser, and we try our best to get rid of any differences between the two (besides memory / power on the devices); making it so you can’t download certain games to hardware would break that and likely end up with hardware not being able to play the fun games because everyone wants to add the cool extra features to their games :frowning:

Ok, thanks, just wondering.
could we have light brown and snot green
as you see i love to do art on these and they would make trees and furniture a lot easier.
also for sound is there ways to make a drum/bass, also can you do 2 notes at once. because i have made a sound file, and although i may now be able to import, it would be nice to have a real song.

I believe we have up to three music tracks at once (@richard to double check on that?), though I haven’t really looked into how to ‘make’ sounds beyond the basics so I don’t have a good answer to the rest right away :frowning:

Here’s a project with pink replaced with a light brown and teal replaced with a different green:

if you want to change the colors more than that, the link to developer/images has instructions under changing the default palette; I already added the palette in there and changed the two colors, so you can just google ‘hex color for gray’ and replace one of the ones in there to get the exact colors you want: here’s a gif of going to pxt.json and changing one to a random color (abcdef, which ended up being a pretty nice light blue)

When you’re done changing the color just click blocks at the top to go back to blocks. I would suggest making a backup (share link or download is fine) before doing this though, as the settings file can be fairly picky and if there’s a typo it’s probably easier to just go to the backup.

Yeah, I think 3 is the current limit. Music is something I definitely want to improve in the future

cool. thank you for that. this could help a lot

but you may need to get your eyes checked because you switched brown with red and not pink :smile:

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also, it kinda died when i tried, 1st the “palette” thing did not show up, so i had the genius idea of adding it. if you read my first sentence you can see how that went.