Is it possible to make a prototype game in makecode arcade and then make it a real game?

I have an idea for a game and am working on it (no spoilers!) yet there are some things that i cant do. for example, I cant make a good inventory system in makecode arcade and the buttons are really limited. Is it possible to build a prototype game here and then convert it into a real game later to work on more advanced features? anything helps, ty!

I don’t think its possible to do that in make code and you can use on menu button pressed and made a inventory

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I think that you can use only 1 power

claws,blade,hammerfist or gliding

you want to make prototype 1 or 2


or this ?

1 or 2 ?

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1 because it is more mystery

ok fine

nice idea @viny1234 but i mean a **LITERAL ** Prototype game, like a quickly made game that I can use to make a proper game faster with.