Is It Possible to upload a Makecode game to the apple store?

Just a quick question for the @MakeCode team. Is it possible to Upload a Makecode game to the apple store or to steam? … Just asking…


im not makecode team, but i dont think so because a makecode is game is web-based and not downloadable. You’d first have to get a makecode game into an actual downloadable app, not a pseudo-application that is, in reality, a website


No you cannot upload this to the app store due to microsoft limitation but you can buy one of these physical devices kind of a game boy which allows you to play your game on a arcade style controls


We have a few samples of uploading to here: Getting rid of the simulator for - #9 by jwunderl, and it feels like it’d be relatively simple to create an app that was just a with e.g. the output of the github integration (like this There was also this thread on computer builds, but I haven’t fully kept up with it Play MakeCode Arcade Game In App - #7 by Vegz78

@eanders I feel like I remember you playing around with this? Or was that just me combining pc compiled builds + other app store investigations in my head?


I know about the hardware, i have a GameGo myself.


Hey @PixelDoodle, we don’t have a built-in way to publish to the various app stores. That would be really cool. But your question made me curious, so I put together a little demo of one way to package an Arcade game for iOS. It just wraps the web player in a native iOS frame (provided by the CapacitorJS framework). I only got as far running it in Xcode’s iOS simulator. A few more steps would be required to upload it to the App Store, but it sets the direction at least.

@jwunderl Yeah, I was noodling around with developing a mobile player using the C++ vm, but that’s a whole different route. I like this Capacitor solution much better.


that’s Cool! I can live without it being on the app store!


I think it would be cool

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