Islander (survival game)

Islander is a game on new grounds that is like a top down Minecraft that i want to recreate but make more of a survival game with it but I’m going to need some help

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Hey, man! I could help if you want.
(It’s okay if you don’t!)

me too

It’s good you guys can help

Here what I got so far

Hello! I’m good at coding and making pixel art sprites, I like making 8-bit video games a lot. I could help make some monsters and do other bits of code as well :slight_smile:

what are we working on first

  • random generated 2d terrain
  • enemys
  • mining
  • inventory controls

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you can help to

I can help to

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I’m good at random terrain generators (obviously not with perlin noise, only using random blocks). I will need all of the details if I want to code that in though.

We also need a hitbox for the tree and the chest, as well as a walk cycle.

first update:

random tree
random land
island map
no stack tree (no tree stacked on each other)

so something that we need is the curser to be in front of the character

imagine creating some kind of ZL-Targeting in makecode (I have some ideas and theories, but I’ll have to test them)

Would it be cool if I added a menu?

Second Update:

  • Cursor now snaps to the block in front of the character.

there is an problom.

Can I help? Im good at pixel art.

sure you can help