Okay, I started a Minecraft-like game some time ago and decided to finish it. It’s not done, of course, but I’ll be posting updates here.

Version 1

Okay, in this version, use player one controls to move. Use player two controls to move the cursor. Press player one A to mine the block at the cursor. Press player one B to build an oak plank at the cursor.

The biggest part of this version is the random terrain. Feel free to click “edit code”. Then, change the value of “HillHightRange”. This changes the hilliness, if that is a word.


Also, check out the “MakeLandscape” function to see how it generates the land.

Next, I want to make a stone and tree generation system. I also want to incorporate an inventory and crafting.

Hope you like it!


Version 1.1

I decided to incorporate sprinting. Doble tap left or right to sprint.

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THIS IS SO COOL! this is pretty impressive. Do you mind if I do some editing to the game? I will give credit if I ever post it on the forum.

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Updated it to 1.1.1, where the cursor is locked to the camera instead of the player

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my sad attempt to make a house :frowning:

Thanks for using mine

it is a great game

I added steve and some animations

:+1: :+1: