Isles. A game like Zelda Wind Waker

I got bored and i decided to do a game like Zelda wind waker
I hope you guys like

Instructions: Jump and interact with A
Move with arrows or wasd

Sorry for my bad english ( if i spelled some word that is wrong)
i live in Brazil and i don’t talk too much english.


This is an interesting game, I like the beginning, I find the story kinda funny :slight_smile:

What is new?

Added village, fortress, stone islands and the shipwreck.
New items.
Bugs :frowning:

Is there secrets?

Yeah but in this moment the secret do nothing.

What is the lore?


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lol i dont talk too much inglish neither, i speak spanish


well i don’t talk to much english but i talk portuguese

What is new?

New title screen, new islands: volcano desert and tower of power, npcs and new quest.

Is there secrets?

Just a little secret

u guys can give ideas to next updates

En dado caso yo si te creo :d

a xddddd amogus


Hello @ursoalph, I am new here

Hi. Welcome.