Issues Exporting arcade project to raspberry pi zero


My son is trying to export a game he has created to the raspberry pi zero profile.

Github Repo:

When attempting to download for the raspberry pi we are getting a message onscreen: warning: The hex file is not available, please connect to internet and try again.

Opening up the console log it appears there are some errors this being the latest. Any help would be appreciated. I’m am posting under his account. Loving all the content, my boys are staying busy making fun games, and demoing them off on our TV (raspberry pi/arcade buttons in a shoe box setup).

pxtapp.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null
at s (
at S._settlePromiseFromHandler (
at S._settlePromise (
at S._settlePromiseCtx (
From previous event:
at S.L [as _captureStackTrace] (
at S._then (
at S.then (
at Object.n.compileAsync (
at U.compile (
at e.compile (
at t.onHwDownloadClick (
at Object.<anonymous> (
at _ (
at x (
at T (
at C (
at A (
at xn (
at le (
at Tn (
at On (
at An (
at s.unstable_runWithPriority (
at Wi (
at ae (

I had a similar problem and tracked it down to having the radio related extensions in the project not being compatible with Raspberry Pi. The error message displayed appears to be a generic error message. I know it’s been a while since you asked but since this was the only post I could find with that error message text I thought it might be helpful.